He started learning music and painting in workshops of national TV and Radio of Iran and also in the free classes offered by the Ministry of Culture and Arts in 1977. He began his primary education in Aryamehr School in Kerman in 1979. At 16 years of age, he came to Tehran to study graphics then he went to Armenia to continue his graduate studies in music composition. Music has always been the pillar of his life. He started playing musical instruments in a self-taught manner, then, continued played under the supervision of some famous Iranian masters such as Emmanuel Melik Aslānian, Farāmarz Pāyvar, Dr. Mohammad Taghi Massoudieh and Farhad Fakhreddini as well as some European and Armenian professors like Thomas Christian David and Yuri Davytyān. As far as philosophy and aesthetics are concerned he has benefited from Dr. Reza Baraheni and Dr. Manuchehr Badiei.